This page will include info about the author / artist, as well as how to contact her for questions or concerns.
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The Creator

Rose’Dragon’ – The writer and illustrator of ‘Euphorium’ webcomic.
Hey! So, like many people I was born and raised in Australia… aaaaaand yeah. I hate talking about myself. I generally much prefer drawing pictures and making up nice dramatic stories instead… I like dragons and giraffes? Does that count for something?
I also work full time, so I try to keep the comic up to date with schedules, but please don’t despair if I miss an update every once in a while. I will make it up to you with some juicy extra comic gossip, I promise~

I also have a number of ways in which you can contact me which I am active and check daily:
Email –

The Story

Has been in the making since it’s early concept stages in 2007…geez.
It is a steampunk / sci-fi fantasy webcomic which updates currently once a week on Saturday (unless mentioned otherwise in a blog update, located below the latest comic page).
It follows the story of a young wizard and his two unlikely companions, while they fight through corruption and oppression which envelops their home country of Ufoira. To make matters worse, the Greenshift wizard has found out that he is unwittingly on the wrong side of the law and now must find the criminal which has tainted his reputation as an honourable and trustworthy Magic Merc.