Lee Police Bio

DATA LOG – Username: ‘Ice.LEESON’
Private and Confidential. Case File Restricted to person(s) listed above.

USER VOICE ENTRY LOG 01: …been given this, -uh- computer, I guess? since Gold- I mean… the… ‘client’ ? has asked me to keep a secure voice log on new information gathered on suspects. Unaware as to why, however…since I’m getting paid significantly well… might as well bend and obey… -sigh- awaiting new information as it presents itself.

Suspect: Rauve Keays Rickhill

First Seen: Chapter 1 Page 1 (Main)

USER VOICE ENTRY LOG 02: The kid seems innocent enough, I dunno why he’s on the list, but anyway…
Suspect is a humanoid male… born in a small fishing village outside of Ufoira. According to questioned acquaintances, he had a fairly normal upbringing, so he’s decided to fill in the spare time practicing magic. He’s crafted a staff from old driftwood to amplify his abilities. Now, he offers his services as an adventurer for hire for anyone in need of a favour, for a small reward.



Suspect: Clark Child

First Seen: Chapter 1 Page — (Main Protagonist)

USER VOICE ENTRY LOG 03: Young Clark is a talent at thieving and misdirection so inevitably was noticed by the infamous ‘Underground’. Investigations show that Clark is an old acquaintance of suspect ‘Rauve’ although as to what the relationship involves; the details are foggy… Through recent observation however, it seems to be that Clark wants to recruit Rauve and use him for less than legal activities, though the Greenshift seems reluctant to assist.
Further investigation will follow…

Suspect: _ NO ID _

First Seen: Chapter # Page — (Main Protagonist)

USER VOICE ENTRY LOG 04: Still following this lead…not much is developed to further past police reports and distraught witness accounts… more to come… probably…


Supporting Characters

freya boi


Subject: Frayleen Aselyn Kerr

First Seen: Chapter # Page

USER VOICE ENTRY LOG 05: Are yet to speak with the subject. Though she’s hard to find in person… strange considering her image is plastered all over the coastal regions of Ufoira… something about..an — engagement? Or something? The posters are hard to read so I’m.. not sure. My world-tongue isn’t as fluent as it used to be. Will check back once more info is available.