Growling can be heard somewhere in the darkness underneath the wailing of a small child’s cries.
Rauve groans, as he attempts to fight against the discomfort keeping him down.
He tried twisting his body to get a grip on the dank and slippery floor, but reaching for the staff before him applied pressure to his already battered body, and he coughed up blood as a result.

Over all the commotion, a menacing voice seemed to echo. One which sent shivers down his spine, one that seemed all too familiar…
“You think you’re the righteous one here…?” It mocked. “Loved and cherished by all?”

Rauve ignored the voice all together, too focused on reuniting with his staff. Gasping for air, he prepared for one last charge at attempting to rise…
With one swift motion, Rauve managed to place his right hand on the tool, whilst using his other to push himself up on all fours, then back onto two. He stood, facing where he thought the voice was coming from, a furious scowl across his face.

“You are a fool.”

First page of the main story!!!
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