The echoed insults haltered for a moment but the eerie darkness still hugged Rauve’s surroundings.
He spun around once more to be met with the frightened gaze of what appeared to be a young child…

“Don’t…” They began to mumble weakly.
“Wh — ” Rauve pointed his staff wearily at the child. “What? Who?”
He grimaced as the child stepped closer.
“Go where? Don’t what?!” Rauve barked sternly at the child, now but a few feet away from him.

He didn’t have much time left to ask questions as the child lunged at him frantically, small horns now visible from atop their head. “Don’t leave me here alonnnneeEEE!!” Hysteria grew within the whimpering voice, from the small mumbles of a child to almost unworldly screaming.
“Oh… oh-Oh, Sister!!” Rauve cursed as he lifted his staff to his attacker. “S-stay back!” He called out over the screams. “I don’t wanna hurt you!”

The now horned creature leapt at Rauve with a rabid expression, seemingly undeterred by the glowing staff. A blast of heavy Sei suddenly shot past Rauve from the darkness –┬áseemingly to go through him – and hit his attacker square in the chest. The deimon twisted backward, still screaming with rage. The skin slowly disintegrated from the hit as it made sizzling noises.

As fast as the creature had appeared, it was now gone. At least Rauve hoped it had …


Apologies if the style changes slightly for the first few pages…. I’m still on a major learning curve here… haha ~
I’m starting to find a quick and also relatively detailed style for these pages… the all painterly style in the prologue pages was fun, but it took faaaaar too long to make each page… so I’m looking for that happy medium between quick and easy but still fun.

We’ll get to consistency one day…

– Rose Dragon