The attacking deimon was now no more than speckling white dust which drifted eerily in the air… as if still afraid to move away.

Rauve stood silently, confused as to what had happened. No sounds gave away a source of the blast, but the soft crackling sound still whispered amongst the hanging dust. Ages past before Rauve met the end of his patience:

“Who’s there! Show ya’self!” He demanded suddenly.
This time, a near immediate response snaked it’s way back to him. ” It is all a lie…” The voice from before had continued. Rauve paused, not impressed with the respondent but regardless, he was willing to hear what it had to say.
” You will never get what you want. Stay with that pitiful life you have now.”

Rauve dismissed the voice with a disgruntled click of the tongue. To which it then spat it’s final words to him, seemingly mimicking the desperate anger that was so prominent in the voice of the deimon child. “Don’t…”
Rauve began loosing the grip on his frustration.
“Go…”  The voice growled.

As the voice trailed off a new, much more familiar one took it’s place.
“Rauve Keays Rickhill, what in the world are you up to now?!”
The Greenshift tucked the staff tightly under his chin, the elf’s voice had caught him completely off guard. She had appeared behind him, arms crossed in an authoritative and disapproving posture, one that Rauve knew was her most common.


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