With a blink Rauve had turned around and seen Fraya standing behind him. Both her and him appeared as he remembered them both when they were younger. 

“Fraya, what are you doing here?” He finally asked. 
She leant over him and with the familiar condescending tone she replied. 
“If your father catches you slacking off again, I am not cover for you this time!” 

With a bright flash, she seemed to disappear as fast as she had arrived. Her silhouette beckoning the younger Rauve to follow.
He panicked. “Fraya! Wait! Wait for me!”
As she faded into the white mist Rauve had called out to her one more time, however he was only met with a sudden sinking feeling in his stomach.
Rauve had awoken from his dream with a thump as he hit the hard concrete floor. His staff had caught him, as it leant on the table, and had saved him from cracking his head open. 
“Ow…” He moaned quietly to himself. 


Another page down and we’re finally out of the dream sequence! 8D
Now onto the big bad world of Thuari along with it is the challenge for me drawing big busy cityscapes begins ~ hehehe …

-Rose Dragon