Rauve took a moment to pick himself up from under the table. The memory he kept of his childhood friend brought a smile to his face. 
He reminisced on these feelings for a moment, all the while leaving a small tip for the patient wait person at the cafe and waving them goodbye.  Still in a trance from his day dream, it took Rauve a moment to realise what was happening before him. 

A pair of plain dressed men were chasing a much smaller cloaked person down the street, all the witnesses seemed to let the pursuers pass them by without so much as a word. Crime was high and law enforcement was low in this part of town and as such it was accepted that citizen arrests were fairly common. 
The thief chuckled to themselves as they flew down the main hall and made a sharp turn down an alleyway.

“Outta the way, excuse me, comin’ through..” Rauve heard the thief announce as they hurried past. This decision allowed Rauve to move in time for the thief to rush past unharmed. It took a moment of realisation for him to react.
“Woah – H-hey! Stop!” He called out and began to tail the thief through the narrow alleyway.


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