The nimble thief had thought their escape had been successful… there was no one around and these narrow alleys were bare barred the occasional heap of rotting scrap. No signs of recent activity were apparent.

Rauve was hot on their trail, the sinister laughter was not easy to miss. He called out and his voice bounced off the orange brick walls.
“Heyy! Hold on a second!” His voice had immediately gotten their attention, startling them into silence.

“I just wanna talk!” Rauve continued, as he strolled through the maze. A mumbled curse had caused Rauve to turn around and spot the caped figure, head down and unbeknownst, running toward a dead end of the alley.
They stopped, head buried in their hands, the stolen loot still tossing in their hand.
“Oh Brother-oh brother” They pleaded. ” Don’t let that be who I think it is…”
Rauve was met with the thief’s face as he stepped forward to confront them. “I just wanna help-“
“Rauve! Is that you?! –“

The conversation was cut short.
“STOP WHERE YOU ARE. RIGHT NOW. ”  A bellowing shout from behind the two caused Rauve to silence his reply, and the thief’s head leant back towards the sky with yet another frustrated swear.  


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