Rauve had spun around to the voice from behind him. A large burly man and a much younger companion was by his side. 
” You’d be thick as a stump to think you’d be gettin’ away with that! ” He mocked as he came to a halt, the younger man caught up soon after, gasping for breath as he approached.

The tall stranger looked right through Rauve, all his attention on the cloaked theif.

“Now just hold on -” Rauve tried to defuse the tension, lowering the staff and holding the palm of his free hand up to show he wasn’t hiding anything. ” We can surely come to some kind of understanding… The HomeGuard must be nearby we could just go sort — ” 

The thief was tossing and turning, looking for a way out… as Rauve had begun to speak, an idea seemed to emerge. 
They  suddenly set upon Rauve, “FINE! Take it! ” They cried. ” Just- please don’t hurt me! ” 

“Hey! That ain’t yours t’give!” The stranger called out, but he was interupted by his companion, who nudged his side to get his attention. 
“Eh, Bos – y’ reckon that’s the guy on the Telecaster at the inn this morn?”

“You’re right…” The tall man hummed an agreement. ” ‘Is younger than the report said, but he seems a lil’ off some..


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