Mekkelan stood using what left of his strength to support his weight on his staff. He took a deep breathe in, and attempted to regain his strength through meditation however his peace was disrupted as as a glimpse of a figure could be seen hovering over the clear water.

He squinted somewhat, not trusting the old tired eyes he had. In an attempt to see clearer he held a hand on his forehead, blocking the sun rays off the water.
“What in the world?” He muttered to himself.

The sudden sporatic movement of the figure and resulting splash of water alerted Mekkelan to make him think that the person was in danger.
” Miss, MISS! Are you alright?!”
He had trodden down to the waters edge as fast as his tired legs could afford to go.
The figure bared no response, it hovered still over the water a brief moment and letting the water settle.