A spilt second after it appeared, the figure had vanished.
He stood silently for a moment, still in shock, when the bubbles began to form in front of him. Mekkelan took a few hesitant steps backward, the sand making not a sound as he shuffled through.
It was as though time stood still for just a moment, when it all rushed back together all at once.

A woman appeared suddenly in front of the old man, rather intrusive of his personal space; he held his hand up in protest.
” Oh~ I’m feeling fine now you’re here! ” She stated plainly, replying to his initial question.
The creature then turned away from him, where Mekkelan gave a sudden sigh of relief. Floating in midair as her serpentine tail grotesquely formed into two legs between long strings of deep purple fluid.

“…and what are a kind soul such as yourself doing out here, dear?” She continued.
He began a response before the blue creature, now standing solidly on the ground, but he was interrupted once again.

“..nothing of dire importance, Im merely taking refuge in the nearby hotel — “
“How delightfully interesting!”
” — for the night…” He sighed quietly to himself.

She gleefully turned to him as he turned to walk away from her.
“Truly now, you should look after yourself around here… what with the conflict, it’s dangerous out here nowerdays.”