There was an awkward silence between the two before Mekellan decided to break it.

“… w-wait, you — are a Fei?” He mumbled quietly.
He caught her off guard, to which she gave him a puzzled look as a response.
” You realise this just now? ” She replied finally, almost offended.
The old wizard began to think of an excuse for his poor perception when he was again interrupted by the woman, whom burst into a spontaneous fit of laughter.

“How Precious!!” She wailed.
After she calmed, she approached the man slowly placing her hands on his shoulders; an attempt to extend friendship.
“Oh, dear… do not fret.” She continued, “I understand you must be tired, so your head must not be on straight. That, and my kind are naught but All Gone.”

The lull in her tone, contrasted to her free loving nature expressed not moments before.
The sudden change put Mekellan on edge, but her iron grip nullified his attempts at backing away.

” I have seen it…” She whispered finally. ” This world goes to Hell. You and your kind did this… and it is All Your Fault.”