Mekellan, frozen in fear, dropped to the ground in pain as soon as the Fei let go of his shoulders.
The Sei from within him, still seeping from within and made it way into the creature standing before him.
He could do nothing but stare back into her eyes as she spoke to him softly.
” You did this…” She said plainly. ” You humanoids are the results of the Sins Greed and Doubt and you plague the world with your existence, but I will claim to fix it all. I will keep this world alive for as long as I live.”
She stood menacingly over the top of him now, internally debating whether or not to completely drain him. He looked back, silent, but still holding onto life.
She muttered one final message to him, before deciding to give mercy.

” We Fei are peaceful folk – at the same time – we do what we will to survive.
This War… It affects all those whom dwell in these lands, both humanoid and Fei alike.
You will never claim it for I love this place,
and I protect what I have.
You can never take away what’s always been mine.”

These words, echoed through him long after she had disappeared back into the lake.