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Each island in the region is divided up into provinces or territories surrounding each main city. There can be smaller populated villages located within these provinces, but they are still considered in the city territory, and as such are bound by that city’s laws and regulations. Each province is named after the city it belongs to.

The continent of Ufoira is an industrial giant, being the center of technology and mechanical innovation. At least it was until the Energy War, where the over use of Sei Energy was at a historical high and caused a large wedge to be driven between the higher and lower social classes. This resulted in tensions between civilians, and an internal civil war raged as a result.



The Sei

(aka: soul, song, chi, life force or just One’s energy)

There is an ongoing struggle between the two main groups of inhabitants on Thuari. Both Humanoids and Magiks have been fighting over the precious naturally occurring Sei.
It’s a natural ‘gas’ in its physical form, which is found deep within the earth. This energy can be harvested and condensed into organic gem ‘batteries’ to allow for producing a large amount of energy to power new technological machines and tools.
The Magik races however, rely on Sei as a different form of energy; as their shifting or magic source. Anyone can produce their own small amount of Sei naturally. Anyone with some basic knowledge can perform the smaller, simpler spells with their self-produced Sei, however if they want to cast anything with larger effects, then the Sei needs to be borrowed from the natural world around them. Each shifting spell rips Sei from the caster and drains them. The larger the spell, the more Sei is removed. If borrowed from the earth, the world slowly saps Sei from the caster, so they feel weaker once the cast has been completed but they are not killed. The caster is fully recovered once their naturally produced Sei is returned to the earth and the casting debt is completed.

The Colours:

All humanoid users which have any ability in manipulating  Sei are referred to as ‘Shifters’. They would primarily have one density which they control, and as such usually have the colour of their using before the word. Eg; Rauve would be a GreenShifter.
There are four different densities, or ‘colours’, of Sei. Green being the lightest, then Purple being the most dense.

Green is the lightest and quickest form of Sei and is mostly used by gunslingers as projectile energy. This Sei is used by most amateur shifters as it is easy to master the basics of this form. It is also being used by most police forces, as a Homeguard shifter can use this density to disarm or severely paralyse threats.

Orange/Yellow is the most stable and strong form of Sei and is mostly used by bladesmiths. This Sei enhances the attribute that a blade has, usually making the weapon sharper and more precise. Able to cut through many different materials easily, without becoming blunt or damaged.

Blue is also a stable and strong density for Sei, however it possesses a much less violent use.
Many doctors and shaman use this Sei to heal the sick and injured. Depending on how severe the affliction is, multiple sessions are required in order to fully heal the patient. If doctors were to attempt to heal a patient completely in one sitting, this would severely weaken the doctor as well.

Purple is the most condensed form of Sei. Due to this, it is slow to gather and tricky to manipulate if the caster is not experienced in using it. This Sei can be used as an impenetrable forcefield, or if skilled enough, the shifter can use this form in offence, using it to literally crush opponents.
Usually, only magiks can cast this form of Sei as it is highly unstable within a humanoid body. A humanoid can eventually use this form of Sei, but only after many years of meditation and study.

AntiSei (Red) is the rare and dangerous colour of anti-sei energy.
The hue that all Deimons (as well as others connected or consumed by Dark) energy comes from. 

 Sei Uses

The Beliefs

Just like the split in uses of the world around them, the two groups of inhabitants also disagree on beliefs regarding the beginnings of the world.

Mostly believed an practiced by members of  the Humanoid groups, the religion of Laothism follows the teachings of a great spirit and it’s two children Brother Death and Sister Life, which granted the world’s mortals with Freedom of Will, Sentience and Speech. The most devoted followers which praise the Great Spirits, are known as Chell monks, and are mostly found in the deep mountains of Xen. Rarely are they seen outside of the Chell walls.

Magiks mostly follow what can simply be explained as the belief in the ‘Sei’ itself, otherwise known as ‘Seiamm’. These followers are great ‘shifters’ and are able to use most of the densities of Sei energy with ease. They have a in-depth understanding of the ebb and flow of the world and some are even able to directly communicate with it. It is also believed that those whom are at a complete understanding of Sei, are allowed to be consumed within it, becoming no longer mortal. Such beings are referred to as ‘Fei’ creatures or demi-spirits.

There are exceptions to this division, of course. Although humaoids who believe in Seiamm are often shunned and feared by most other humaoids as they believe that the use of magic is messing with ‘Eternity’ – land of spirits and afterlife – and therefor messing with the property of the spirits, which is heavily frowned upon.

In higher, more populated areas, the eluding misconceptions and ideas about the separate religions have driven a multi-generational wedge between people. While both faiths have their truths within their practices and misconceptions about the other.
Most citizens around the different regions have come to realise this, and have dismissed the differences of each religion and have learnt to live happily with each other.

Chell Monk

The Races


  • Human
  • Mountain Folk (or ‘yeti’; tall, haired beings most common in the Xen mountains)
  • Anthren / ‘Half-Leg’* ( often seen as ‘untreated’ humans with animalistic qualities) *derogatory term
  • Dwarfs (easily identified by gems on forehead and largely proportioned arms)

human races

Magiks (Sei-based beings):

  • Fairies (very small, always flying creatures, with single element-based power)
    Sprites (always female – never physically looking over the age of 12 with considerable magic power, often seen with humanoid companion)
    Elves (largest of the ‘Fair’ [fairy] race, contain a large amount of magic power)
  • Deimon (noctournal + feeds off Sei)
  • Fei (beings of pure Sei energy)
  • Ancien (Dragons)

The Language

There are three main languages spoken in the world, of course there are different dialects which vary how words are interpreted and used, but the languages are divided by the three main groups; Humanoid, Magiks and Anciens.

Humanoid, being the most common type of being, have used the common language, and as such, most magik beings have taken to using the common tongue as well. However, there are small pockets of remote magik communities which still use the ‘Seiammise’ or ‘World Tongue’.
The Anciens, or dragons, being the proud race that they are, primarily use the ‘Language of the Spirits’, Ancien Tongue. Although they are highly intelligent creatures and generally taught to understand the other languages, their culture generally does not allow them to speak in any other language unless desperately required.